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Valve Spring Wire Technical Services Bulletin

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Electronic Surface Inspection


Learn more about ASW's inspection systems.

ASW's proprietary electonic surface inspection systems include eddy-current testing at finish. This universal system is capable of testing flat wire defects to 0.004" (100 microns) and round wire to 0.0015" (40 microns). A rotating probe checks for longitudinal defects and a stationary encircling coil checks for point defects.


ASW Technical Services
ASW Technical Services

American Spring Wire maintains an in-house Technical Services department that consists of engineers and technicians ready to assist customers developing new products or working through technical issues. Our Technical Services staff is trained and knowledgeable in all facets of wire making and spring manufacturing, and they are prepared to work on location to ensure you receive the help you need with ASW wire.


ASW's Technical Services includes the following areas of expertise:


  • New Product Development and Product Enhancement

    The Technical Service Representatives work with customers in developing New Products. We review all customer specifications and drawings for the desired wire product and translate that information into a manufacturing method on how to produce the wire. This includes our selection of the raw material and processes used. Trial orders are run and coordinated with our customers.


  • Metallurgical Laboratory

    Our Metallurgical Laboratory is used to analyze product or quality issues and issue detailed technical reports. This laboratory is fully staffed and is dedicated to working on customer based issues.


  • Technical Service Assistance

    Our Technical Services Department is a key advantage for customers that require additional technical help in developing new products or processes to maintain their competitive edge. We will work "on site" at our customer's locations in helping the customer meet all the expectations of using wire produced at ASW.


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