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High-Tech Tooling Technology


Learn more about ASW's tooling division.

ASW's Tooling Division produces all of the wire drawing dies and rolls for our flattening mills. The latest Electron Discharge Machines (EDM) are used to cut all of our shaped dies.


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ASW Spring Wire

ASW's extensive line of Spring Wire products includes valve and commercial quality grade wires in carbon and alloy steels, in round, flat and shaped profiles. They are also available in a variety of diameters, from .120" (3.05 mm) to .625" (16 mm).


Our Spring Wire is available in a variety of materials and grades including:



Quality Grades


American Spring Wire is one of the few companies in the world capable of manufacturing quality grade Spring Wire that meets the demanding specifications for heavy duty and light vehicle engine valve springs. Other end-use products include piston rings, fuel injection springs, transmission springs and clutch springs.


ASW also produces commercial grade wires for use in garage door springs, as well as other spring and wire applications in the agriculture, appliance and housing industries.


We have recently begun producing "induction tempered" suspension Spring Wire for recreational and automotive applications.


ASW Spring Wire is available in the following materials and grades:


Valve Wire:

  • Oil Tempered chrome silicon
  • Oil Tempered Alloys including "high tensile" chrome silicon alloys
  • Ovate and elliptical shapes
  • Shaved or planetary grinding surface preparations available

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Commercial Alloy Wire:

  • Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon
  • Oil Tempered Chrome Vanadium

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Commercial High Carbon Wire:

  • Oil tempered
  • Patented at finish
  • 2% Seam restricted
  • Cold rolled quality

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Specialty Materials:

  • 1% Seam restricted
  • High tensile special alloys
  • Restricted tolerances

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Specialty Profiles


ASW offers a range of wire specialty profiles including flat, round and proprietary shapes. Our flat wire is used to produce die set springs in light-weight to heavy-duty strengths for use in metal stamping and plastic injection molding machines. Our specialty shaped wires can be found in many consumer and industrial products.


Materials and shapes include:



  • Oil Tempered and Cold Rolled in a variety of width to thickness ratios
  • Natural round edges or flat edges are available



  • Oil Tempered and Hard Drawn in a variety of width to thickness ratios
  • Our New-Product Development Team can provide unique and proprietary shapes


Contact us for more information, or to request a quote. One of our friendly staff members will be happy to help you. We're ready to service all of your Spring Wire needs.



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