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Committed to

People are essential to our success. We value them for who they are, give them appropriate feedback, develop their potential, and recognize them in specific and timely ways for their accomplishments. First and foremost, we must provide a safe and clean workplace for ASW employees. We seek to offer a fair, stable and challenging environment where our employees share in the prosperity of the company.


Committed to
Engaging Personally.

Our success is dependent on relationships with the people that purchase our products, support our company with professional services, or supply raw materials or other necessary items for us to succeed. We make it our business to interact with and get to know the individuals that make ASW go.


Committed to
Operational Excellence.

The markets we serve demand timely service products that are manufactured to specification, and prices that are competitive with the rest of the world. We strive to meet these demands by continuously improving each process, eliminating all waste, and maximizing the value of every resource.




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Dedicated to Rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina

At ASW, we believe in giving back to the communities that we serve. That's why we played a crucial part in rebuilding the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast after one of the nation's most devastating natural disasters - Hurricane Katrina.


About ASW
ASW truck

American Spring Wire Corporation is North America's largest manufacturer of valve and commercial quality spring wire. Our wire can be found in the products of many of the world's most recognizable and respected companies in the automotive, agricultural equipment and appliance industries.